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Submarine Build and Launch

John Kammerer is fulfilling a lifelong dream by building a private submarine for recreation and exploration. Currently dubbed Project 765, the vessel will be christened SMV SeaHawk.

When completed the submarine will be 65 feet long with a beam of 6 feet 10 1/2 inches. Displacement will be 42 tons surfaced, 48 tons submerged. Power is diesel-electric direct. See the Specifications page for more details.

John Kammerer portrait
John Kammerer

Most of the design work is being done by Kammerer, with assistance from specialists as required. Primary builder is Kammerer.  Additional expertise and support is contracted as needed, including specialized subassemblies, specialized welding and other processes. On this website you can view progress of the project with lots of photos; start on the Build page. Be sure to check back often. We will continue to add photos as the project progresses.

One of the most universal questions we get is Why? The first post in the Captain’s Log blog has just that title and explains: Why?

Sponsor: Susan A. Turney.

Picture of SeaHawk submarine captain and builder John Kammerer on not-yet-mounted conning tower.

SeaHawk Submarine Builder and Captain on not-yet-mounted conning tower. January 2021.

SubsCT pressure hull delivery
Used propane tank that will serve as pressure hull being delivered. December 2011.
SubsCT hull and sail
Project 765 inside the first shop with sail attached. 2017.
SeaHawk CT submarine May 31 2020Pressure hull inside the new shop May 31, 2020. (Assemblies were moved in June 2018. See photos of the move here.)
CT submarine build with bow assembly attachedBow structure and deck support skeleton attached, April 2021.
CT submarine build February 2022Attaching hull panels February 2022.

Scout Troop 27 visited the SeaHawk submarine build February 2022. See more pictures here.