SeaHawk topside deck framework submarine build

SeaHawk topside deck framework.

Submarine Build

Submarine build progress is presented in photo-caption format. As you will see, and hopefully follow as we continue to post photos, building a personal submarine is quite an undertaking. Builder John Kammerer likes to tell the story of how when he first started approaching vendors and others for support, they just hung up the phone. “Hi, I’m John Kammerer and I’m building a personal submarine in Connecticut . . .” CLICK. But as the project progressed, prospective vendors, materials suppliers, engineering experts and others began to take him seriously. “I don’t know,” Kammerer said, “maybe something in my voice changed.”

A quick perusal of these pages demonstrates Kammerer’s resolve.

Kammerer also joined pSubs an organization devoted to people around the globe who are building personal submarines for a variety of purposes. Kammerer has presented his Project 765 at pSubs’ international convention.

Build photo pages are organized in three broad categories: assemblies, engineering and equipment. You can follow the navigation bar at the top of all pages, or use the link tree below or on subsequent pages. Of course a working submarine is ultimately the interworking of a series of complex systems. So we ask a bit of poetic license in choosing which systems to place on which pages. If you agree or disagree, you are welcome to share your thoughts on our contact page. Some components may be represented in more than one category.

Photos are added to these pages as the build progresses and when we can get around to it. So be sure to check back on occasion. For speed of page loading, some build sections have more than one page of photos. Look for the page number buttons at the bottom of each page of photos.

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  • July 11, 2011 keel laid, pressure vessel delivered and placed in cradle
  • August 2011 sandblasted tank
  • December 30, 2011 pressure vessel moved into main building
  • January 2012 cut forward access opening
  • June 4, 2018 moved assemblies to new location for improved working conditions
  • May 29, 2020 hull placed on keel

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