Sail / Conning Tower

In late 2020 we completely redesigned the sail as a conning tower. The older version will be scrapped. Still free-flooding, the new conning tower will have a more rounded configuration to make more room for crew and visitors. When finished, it will be more the style of a WWI German U-boat. Look at the photo gallery below to see photos. When completed, SeaHawk crew and passengers will have a commanding view perched 15 feet above the water in the personal submarine’s conning tower. The conning tower includes a set of controls for maneuvering.

The previous sail used a more modern maneuvering scheme by not placing diving planes on the sail. This improves hydrodynamics making the boat more streamlined in underwater operations. The primary reason for changing configurations was to allow more people to enjoy an “up top” experience.

Photos shown in the gallery show both the first sail and the subsequent conning tower.

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